Monday, November 16, 2009

Drinking from a Firehose

Wow &mdash gmail filters are ... amazing. And the 'create a filter' 'wizard' is brilliant. What do you want to do? This? That? Why certainly! Please &mdash you're too kind.

Though, I wonder: if you tell it to 'skip the inbox' and you only apply a label; where are the emails? In the label? [Does where even matter? It's really 'where'-ever it's accessed, so maybe the violation of strict folderism isn't really that bad, however inconsistent it seems to me now.]

The name of my filter I just created? "Paul Levin's Facebook firehose" &mdash I just made the almost-mistake of commenting on Paul's status update; it was "365 days till Bear Creek!!!!!!!". The Bear Creek Music Festival just ended yesterday evening. It was the fuckingshit. Only 365 days ...

[Oh ... I only get the first five comments to Paul's status that follow mine. Oh well &mdash the filters are still awesome. Even if I never use them again.]

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