Thursday, September 30, 2010

If economists were so smart ...

This is from The Non-economist's Economist, a review of The Affluent Society & Other Writings, 1952-1967, a collection of writings by John Kenneth Galbraith:
At the 1955 stock-market hearings, Galbraith was followed at the witness table by the aging speculator and "adviser to presidents" Bernard M. Baruch. The committee wanted to know what the Wall Street legend thought of the learned economist. "I know nothing about him to his detriment," Baruch replied. "I think economists as a rule—and it is not personal to him—take for granted they know a lot of things. If they really knew so much, they would have all of the money, and we would have none."

Friday, September 17, 2010

What if the only way to be happy was to lie to everyone you ever loved?

Would it be worth it?
Where would the balance fall for me? As I am regular of melancholy, I'd guess I'd side with truth.

At some point, everything can't be blamed on "the media"

Especially if the complaitant is a blogger! At what point will Brad DeLong and Kevin Drum be members of "the media"? I certainly read their writings more than any 'journalist' members of "the media". And when oh when will they shut the fuck up about "the media"? The incessant meta-level discussions are annoying (and pointless). You're both part of "the media" now! Raise the bar (and stop calling me stupid, assholes)!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

The real nemesis of the Autobots ...

... is the doppleganger of Optimus Prime: Pessimus Subprime!