Saturday, November 28, 2009

Enso commands for your favorite webapps

Using Enso 'learn as open' command, I made the following 'open _' commands:

  • gmail; opens gmail in my browser (Chrome)
  • blog; opens
  • facebook

Now, I just hold the Caps Lock key and press 'o', then start typing any of the commands to launch the corresponding site.

This is almost as cool as the highlight (select) and 'Search google for _' Chrome command!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Organizational Capital versus Widgets

EconLog has had several posts about the recent productivity growth measured (of the US economy) and how it relates to 'organizational capital'. The idea is that productivity doesn't necessarily measure more labor on the part of the (remaining) workers; rather it can include substantial improvements in things like business processes, procedures – i.e. how a business operates. See this post for a recent example.

I have a perfect example from my own job: software as organizational capital. I work for a small software company and my job, as Support Director, has consisted in large part of developing improvements for our existing processes, like building the software from the latest 'source' version (e.g. making the new version of the program based on the accumulated changes made to fix bugs and add new features), or tracking the time we spend on specific projects or tasks. More and more, 'organizational capital' will be 'informational capital' in the form of software developed by internal programmers within a company!

Those spreadsheets that the Excel-guru in your company makes to track earnings, sales, etc. – encourage them to make them even better! Invest in your internal organizational-capital accumulators!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

They'll get you eventually

The most frightening thing about a byzantine legal system, beyond the uncertainty as to whether you are a criminal, is that you can get away with something for such a long time, that when the inefficient bureaucracies that make-up governments everywhere finally get around to your 'crime', you're screwed.

Rollercoaster isn't in the dictionary?!

WTF?! It's still "roller coaster"?! Insanity!

Note to self

Alcohol is not a good bargaining tool. An example.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Drinking from a Firehose

Wow &mdash gmail filters are ... amazing. And the 'create a filter' 'wizard' is brilliant. What do you want to do? This? That? Why certainly! Please &mdash you're too kind.

Though, I wonder: if you tell it to 'skip the inbox' and you only apply a label; where are the emails? In the label? [Does where even matter? It's really 'where'-ever it's accessed, so maybe the violation of strict folderism isn't really that bad, however inconsistent it seems to me now.]

The name of my filter I just created? "Paul Levin's Facebook firehose" &mdash I just made the almost-mistake of commenting on Paul's status update; it was "365 days till Bear Creek!!!!!!!". The Bear Creek Music Festival just ended yesterday evening. It was the fuckingshit. Only 365 days ...

[Oh ... I only get the first five comments to Paul's status that follow mine. Oh well &mdash the filters are still awesome. Even if I never use them again.]

We need to make everything easier

[I need to check that this little rant isn't completely off-base (false).]

We (programmers [especially of free or open-source software]) should be using tools that make it easy (i.e. easier) to let others collaborate with us.

I use Inkscape and I love it. It's a great, kickass vector-graphics editor and creator. I've used Illustrator before, as a trial and ... as pirated software, and I'd love to use Illustrator. I'd switch in a heartbeat – but it's $~270-300 ["~$270-300"?], so ... no thanks. Inkscape is good-enough.

But the PDF output is bloated. And I keep thinking about it. And I keep almost-downloading the source code, and all the tools, and I get as far as thinking these thoughts before I write this instead.

And I'm too scattered, in terms of the tools I use (let alone those I'd like to use!). I've programmed in dozens of languages and many more libraries and hundreds of different tools – just give me everything in one click and suddenly your development team is marginally more capable. Even if I do nothing other than read your source code.

This argument is completely general too. We need to (eventually) make everything easier – in the limit, no barrier isn't worth eliminating (even as everything of worth is defined by it's intrinsic 'barricades'!).

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fuckin' Levi's

I was living under the delusion that Levi's were (still) quality jeans. I have been educated.

I've only had the damn things for a couple of months? [Right?]

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Makers has made my day – three days now in-a-row!

I'll buy a copy soon Cory!

I was sucked into it completely – I got home from a party last night around 5 (am) and finished the last ~50 pages by 6, and oh was it worth it.

It's an engaging, near-future tech-fi story following a handful of wonderfully motley characters. But the inspiration it's imparted has been the greatest pleasure &mdash my head is still spinning!

Periodic table

Check out this periodic table (and matching bench) &mdash from the MAKE blog.